Neopets Important Times

Looking for the best times to visit the Coltzan's Shrine? How about the Job Agency? You've come to the right place when it comes to important times on Neopets!

Some of this is common knowledge. Some of this is.. well, not so common. *chuckles* Only veteran Neopets players will remember some of these tips & tricks.

Standard Neopets Special Times

Half Priced Day

On the 3rd day of every month. All Neopets main shops items are half priced when restocked. This is a great day to make huge profits, it's also a very busy neopets day!


Snowager Sleeping Times

6 -7 AM (NST)
2 - 3 PM (NST)
10 - 11 PM (NST)

Neopets Money Tree Give-Away Times

Chocolate Giveaway - Sundays at 5:50pm NST
Balthazar's Mega Faerie Giveaway - Everyday 6am NST
Muntando Fruit - Mondays at 10:45am NST
Health Food Store Giveaway - Varies
Pango Pango Tropical Giveaway - Mondays 10:45am or pm NST

Job Agency Times

0:00:00 Past the Neopian Hour
0:10:00 Past the Neopian Hour
0:20:00 Past the Neopian Hour
0:30:00 Past the Neopian Hour
0:40:00 Past the Neopian Hour
0:50:00 Past the Neopian Hour

Uncommon Neopets Special Times

Wheel of Excitement

If you spin the wheel exactly on the hour, you will win 10,000 NP. Additionally, if it is your first time doing so, you will win the avatar!

Coltzans Shrine

Speed: Every fifth second of the hour.
Defense: Every tenth second of the hour.
Strength: Every thirty minutes of the hour.
Endurance: Every hour of the day.
Level: Every even (2:00, 4:00, 6:00, ...) hour of the day.
Burnt Food: 11:00 - 12:00 NST.
Dubloons: Every 55 seconds past the minute.
10 Strength Points: Every 30 minutes past the hour.

Hidden Tower Special Times

Not many really know this, but if your account is of 60 months of age or greater. On the 3rd Weds of EVERY month you will receive a 3% discount on all Hidden Tower items. Neat!

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