Buzz Day! The Buzz's Unexpected Makeover

January 12th is Buzz Day. This year our friend the Buzz received not only two new colors, but an addition to their anatomy… Pupils.




Traditionally, the Buzz has been drawn with insect-like eyes. The converted Buzz has had the option of wearing contacts and thus, having pupils, if its owner so desired. The inclusion of pupils directly in the color eliminates the owner’s choice to have “traditional” Buzz eyes.


Here is a “before” for comparison:


   Old Pictures of Buzzes


What do you think of the Buzz’s new eyes? An innovative addition? A revolutionary decision? Or a disturbing lapse in an artist’s judgment?


Pupils or no pupils, if you have a Buzz, don’t forget to bring him or her to Cap'n Threelegs for free training in celebration of Buzz Day!

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