What I would do if I had access to the Key Quest Key generator!

First you're probably wondering, where the heck has Matt been? Well, I've been sharpening my skills socially and academically to achieve everything I want Shop Neopia to be. -- But that's another story. Because of it, I am able to bring you the exclusive KQ Generator.
   What is a Key Quest Key Generator? Well, it's exactly like it sounds. A method to produce KQ Keys on your account(s) for you! 

It looks like this...


I've concealed it to members who have shown dedication and support to the store. It really is as simple as a click of a button. 

Imagine all the codestones and secret lab map pieces you will stockpile! 


I don't know about you but nothing screams fun on Neopets to me other than becoming rich and staying busy. By becoming rich, I can collect whatever I want quickly. (or purchase it, but because I'm rich it's not "sketchy") There will be instant fame for being 'oh so rich and decorative. The feeling of accomplishment. Not to mention the availability to trade customs over and over for slightly better pets until I get the pets I've been dreaming of! I mean the list goes on.

And here's exactly how I would do it, at a low budget...


First, I'd gain access to the Key Quest Gen by becoming a repetitive supporter of Shop Neopia. 

After doing so, I'd purchase a subscription to HideMyAss VPN. This way I can choose my locations for my shells I'm going to be stockpiling my riches on. 

If my math is correct, out of 10 Gold Keys, you will make around 100k a day in instant ETS. So if I do this on 5 accounts everyday I'd accumulate 5,000,000 neopoints in 10 days. But why stop there? I want to be super rich!

After building up my shops from constantly restocking ETS i get from Key Quest, I snipe ETS from the auctions to pass by time. Or, I play and sift through other accounts to give me UB's to sell off on my account so my riches are not only from buyable ETS.

Remember how I said I wanted to be super rich? Well, if you have 3 main accounts and 2 feeder shells each, you will pass 3,000,000,000 neopoints in one year. 



Nervous about transferring the pure and consolidating it? Well don't be!

If you were using a few different mains, like you should, you can easily "buy a UB item" that is overpriced from yourself. ;) This is easy to pull off as long as you are using your VPN correctly. Consolidate the pure from the feeder shells in small doses to the main accounts. Then sell some UB's you snagged from a spare main for a good deal. Offer the pure on the items and gift the items back when you feel it is okay.
(Make sure you communicate back and forth with yourself and make it believable.)


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