Daily Dare & Roo Island connected?? Wait.. WHAT?!

Since April 8th, if you have visited Roo Island you will have noticed the conversation that Abigail and AAA are having. Each with a different variation from the last. 

This makes me rather excited since I am a Daily Dare fan myself! <(^)

This is a perfect opportunity to get a new shiny trophy for my userlookup and I really hope Neopets brings a new feature to Roo Island. Maybe this means the release of Mobile Neopets again?!?!


Here are references of the most recent dialogue;

What does this mean for the future for Roo Island? What about the Daily Dare? Will it be as spectacular as its past since focus may be tied up with the re-release of Roo Island?


On a final note, will there be a revamp to the island? What about a blumaroo exclusive color?!?


What are your thoughts fellow gamers?



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