Neopets Legend asgardskeeper

Hey guys, Matt here. Just wanted to make a first post in this section. Let's take a moment to remember and recognize the user asgardskeeper. No longer with us (RIP) this user became famous for their AMAZING gallery. In which they displayed some of the most coveted rarities on Neopia. 

Not only were they notable for their great ability to play Neopets but their art and design was on point as well. 

Their fame came with their fortunes, in which some would believe were not possible to obtain THAT much. Could they have possibly bought most of their riches? 

I must say, they did it right for the longest time. However, one faulty move seemed to have landed them in ice-ville. In which we provide all the tips and tricks to avoid it ;)


Who comes to mind when you think about the best Neopets players? You can leave your comments below.


camiyam - Sep 30, 2015

ayye shoutout to the homie taylor she’s rich as fuck and she dont give a fuck! #brrrrkk

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