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Chels - Oct 24, 2016

I LOVE this site! I often use it for purchasing retired NC items.

Some items are near impossible/ very hard to trade for on the NC boards. These folks trade to get the items you want so you dont have to worry. _

100% safe!

Britt - Oct 20, 2016

This was my first time ordering, and it has been a fantastic experience. Great customer service, and convenient website set-up. A+!

Alisha - Oct 16, 2016

This place is seriously amazing! I love my pets that I’ve ordered from here. They’re now in active, forever homes. (: Very trustworthy website, I buy from here occasionally.

Ashley - Oct 14, 2016

I was a little wary at first. I had lost my original neopets login information years ago and recently started playing. I came across this site and was amazed at all the services and items they offer. I decided to make my first purchase and I received my whole large order within a little more than a day. The customer service is excellent. The value and prices can’t be beat. I cannot wait to make my next purchase!

Mari - Oct 11, 2016

First of all, this site has a wonderful variety of items & services. They are not static. Instead, they can vary (from barely noticeable to very noticeable, such as types of accounts available etc) Prices are reasonable (actually, some are quite the bargain!) And best of all? The team gets back to you promptly. The items or services are available to you very fast (almost always) and the support merits 5 stars! Safe, reliable, trustworthy and knowledgeable (regarding neopets and freezing issues…great thing for those of us who may forget and all that…thanks guys!)

S - Oct 05, 2016

Really cool site, awesome and prompt customer service, wide selection. Love it and will be back for more.

Jolly - Sep 30, 2016

Good services and trustworthy. Waiting to get my second purchase.

Missy - Sep 20, 2016

i had my skepticism about purchasing from here. I lost my really old account, so I started new and didn’t want to wait and earn neopoints so why not use earned money irl for stuff? I have a full time jobn so I can’t be on earning NPS all the time, so I googled this site, and walla, I purchased an instant item and got my email right away, (and item). So overall I was very satisfied. This is a real review and not an automated one. I ordered another item which was not available instantly, but I have received all the email confirmations for it, so I expect it to come soon.

Jasmine - Sep 11, 2016

They have lots of items at great prices, albeit not all the Neocash items are in stock, they try to trade for them as soon as possible and try their best to be as communicative as possible. If you email them, they can tell you exactly if the item is in stock. Overall had a good experience thus far :)

April Chateauneuf - Sep 11, 2016

I’ve purchased from here and other sites in the past. Shopneopia is by far my favorite. Speedy delivery and helpful staff.

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